Ranken Technical College is a private, nonprofit, degree granting institution of higher learning whose primary mission is to provide the comprehensive education and training necessary to prepare students for employment and advancement in a variety of technical fields.

Institutional Purposes

The purposes of Ranken Technical College are:

  • To provide education in current and leading-edge technology that develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • To incorporate general education into all programs to provide students with communication, scientific, mathematical, information technology, human relations, business, and life skills along with an appreciation for continuous lifelong learning.
  • To instill within Ranken students the work ethic attributes in demand by industry, including honesty, ethical standards, dependability, industriousness, commitment to quality, craftsmanship, courtesy, professionalism, teamwork, professional appearance, and safety consciousness.
  • To provide continuing education and customized workforce training in various technical careers.

Values/ Vision Statements

The vision statements for Ranken Technical College define the framework for how the College will accomplish its mission and purposes. Ranken Technical College shall:

  • Be a leader in providing innovation and technical education for a highly skilled 21st century workforce.
  • Provide an environment which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, while leveraging the valuable and unique contributions of all Ranken community members.
  • Actively engage itself in workforce development and community issues.
  • Continuously explore new areas of technology for inclusion in existing programs as industry demand and market conditions dictate.
  • Pursue opportunities for growth and expansion, compatible with the College mission and appropriate to its resources, which address the needs of industry, the community, and students.
  • Support a continuous improvement process that assesses and improves the quality of education in terms of content, delivery, student learning and competency.
  • Ensure faculty and staff possess the requisite knowledge, education, experience, and motivation to perform their varied roles.
  • Provide student support services necessary to promote persistence and success from enrollment to employment.
  • Furnish students with opportunities to engage outside of the classroom, including student activities, service projects, and work-based learning, to enhance their overall development.
  • Foster a climate in which employees experience a high level of job satisfaction.
  • Manage resources in an ethical and responsible manner to meet current and future challenges.
  • Foster an environment of high standards in terms of conduct, ethics, professionalism, and craftsmanship, not only for students, but for all members of the Ranken family.
  • Treat all members of the Ranken family – students, alumni, employees, financial supporters, employers, and visitors – with dignity and respect by conducting business in a professional and responsible manner.

Education at Ranken Technical College

The Technical Component

The technical component of your education is your major course of study.

Currently, students at Ranken may major in any one of several technical skills, each of which is described in our catalog of technical courses. Training in a student’s major includes a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles upon which the more specific job-based skills are developed. That is, the “why” is taught in concert with the “how.” The “how” component is developed by extensive practical application of principles through hands-on training, using the equipment in the College’s comprehensive shops and labs.

Ranken is committed to maintaining facilities which contain current equipment, of the types actually encountered on the job. The substantial amount of industrial equipment maintained by the College is regularly updated in order to keep pace with current technology. Ranken maintains a close relationship with business and industry to continually evaluate and improve the College’s equipment and curriculum.

Throughout your course of study at Ranken, students will be given opportunities to visit industry facilities and to see the types of businesses they may join. Also, certain students at Ranken are invited to serve on advisory boards to assist the College in meeting the needs of its students. Membership on these advisory boards is very prestigious, and if selected, students will meet industry leaders who have a direct interest in Ranken and its graduating students.

The tuition and fees students pay for their education are only approximately 70 percent of the actual costs of attending Ranken. The additional 30 percent is contributed by friends and alumni of the College who donate their time, materials and funding to provide the highest quality of equipment and educational resources. The education our students receive on state-of-the-art equipment will ensure their future as skilled employees and potential business owners.

The General Education Component

Consistent with the College’s Mission Statement, the general education departments of Ranken Technical College are designed to provide a foundation of general education to complement our students’ technical education and prepare them for life-long learning. Ranken is committed to maintaining a strong general education component for two reasons:

  1. Those who hire technically trained people consistently indicate a desire for employees who, in addition to possessing technical skills, can also communicate effectively, work harmoniously with people, and adapt to new situations and changing technologies.
  2. These same attributes are the very ones that are also required in coping with daily life and functioning in the community.

The Work Ethic Component

Employers know that Ranken Technical College is a source of excellent employees. Industry leaders know that our curriculum provides Ranken graduates with the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in almost any job setting. However, employers also want their employees to be more than well-educated technicians. Employers consistently rank the possession of positive work values, attitudes and behaviors as essential to the retention and promotion of their employees.

Ranken Technical College, since its very inception, has been committed to cultivating values and attitudes that will lead to positive behavior, thereby enhancing the graduate’s employability and ultimate success on the job. This commitment, which we refer to as work ethic, forms the third component of the education at Ranken.

We believe it is our obligation, in keeping with the wishes of our founder and the employers who hire our graduates, to prepare each student for his or her maximum employment potential and opportunities. Accordingly, the College makes a concerted effort to influence students’ values, attitudes and behaviors during their formative years. Our students study work ethic through formal courses of study, self-study, individual and group research projects and by practicing an acceptable work ethic. Studies are reinforced by such measures as requiring students to adhere to a well-defined appearance code, maintaining a strictly enforced attendance policy, insisting upon behavior appropriate to that expected in the workplace, and requiring instructors to evaluate students’ attitude and work habits.