It’s finally starting to feel like winter. Have you signed up or updated your emergency notifications? You must sign up every year in order to receive notifications!

All faculty, staff, and students may sign up for Ranken emergency notifications at The Ranken notification system sends high priority messages throughout the Ranken community as quickly as possible. You’ll find out about weather-related school closures or late starts as soon as the decisions are made.

This notification system is the only way to be alerted to any emergency event at both Ranken’s St. Louis campus and the Wentzville location, including:

  • School closings or delayed starts
  • Lockdowns and lockdown drills
  • Severe weather warnings

The system will send a text message to your cell phone and send you an email when an important notification is sent.

Ranken’s Public Safety department has emergency plans in place to deal with any possible situation on Ranken’s campus, including winter or other severe weather, fire drills or campus lockdown due to any credible threat to campus safety.

Emergency plans for evacuation and/or lockdown are located in every department. If you are a faculty member, please review the emergency action manual and procedures with your students. If you are a student, please communicate with your instructors if you are unsure of the procedures to follow in event of a campus emergency.

If you have any further questions about our emergency notification procedures or the signup process, please contact the Public Safety department at (314) 286-3300.