When Richard Thyer graduated from high school, he went to SIU for one year and worked at TWA. He was offered a job at Ford on their assembly line and worked there full time for 11 years. When Hazelwood Ford plant closed in 2007, he enrolled in Ranken to pursue a degree in ESDT. He completed this in 2009 after which he began the BSAM program and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 2012. His younger brother had gone through the ESDT program and encouraged him to do the same, so he and his other brother went together. Richard got a job working full time at Ross & Baruzzini, where he had started to work as an intern in 2008, while going to school full time working on his BSAM degree. During this same time Richard had a side job doing CAD work for Henkel and taught night school CAD classes at Ranken. While working for Ross & Baruzzini Richard designed the American Airlines gate area at Lambert. Richard went to work at Frost Supply as an industrial automation dales person.

In 2019 he joined Schneider Electric as Sales Manager covering seven states in the central US. In 2022 Richard was hired by ICR Resources LLC as Director of Growth and Business Development. In this position he is responsible for acquiring talent, handling key accounts in automotive, aerospace and heavy construction.

“Ranken got me in the door at Ross & Baruzzini and got me started in my second life. Ranken gave me the skills, work ethic, polished my electrical knowledge and taught me CAD which was critical to my early success. As an electrical salesperson I found that most salesmen did not have a solid understanding of the equipment they sold. Being able to have intelligent conversations with customers gave me a huge edge over my competition. I never could have done any of this without my Ranken education.”

Richard went on to say, “I realized that a lot of people who went to a four-year college got nothing out of it but a big debt. Ranken taught me a skill that allowed me to go out and get a job and make money. My BSAM degree helped me to get my job at Snyder, which required a four-year degree, and prepared me for my supervisory position and led me to where I am today at ICR.”

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