Ranken Technical College spoke with three alumni currently employed by Mesa Associates, Inc. They are Keith Cibrowski, Senior Protection and Control Substation Designer, Andrew Maggio, Program Manager and Kyle Swierczek, Protection and Control Substation Designer. All three were introduced to Ranken through Shadow-A-Tech, a special program that allows participants to be a student for a day, meeting with instructors and experiencing true hands-on training. All three arrived at the same end destination – Mesa Associates, a nationwide engineering, procurement, and construction management firm now expanding into St. Louis. And although their individual journeys differ, Keith, Andrew and Kyle remain grateful for the discipline, preparation and problem-solving skills they acquired due to their Ranken experiences. As Andrew says, “not every problem has an instruction manual.” Today, we talk with Keith Cibrowski. Learn more about Ranken, www.ranken.edu
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