SuperMileage team holding First Place plaque.

A Ranken-sponsored team of high school students won first place in the Missouri SuperMileage competition on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

The team’s big win was the end of a ten-month learning experience. Starting in June, the students started from scratch to design, fabricate, test and race a vehicle, with the goal of achieving the highest gas mileage in the independently run Missouri SuperMileage Challenge. On the day of the race, the students had the opportunity to participate as members of the pit crew or as the vehicle driver.

The team entered two vehicles in the stock gasoline engine competition in Warrensburg, MO at the Central Missouri University test track. A total of seven vehicles competed in the race. The Ranken-sponsored high school team averaged 219.678 mpg to achieve first place, which included a race-day best run of 234 mpg!

This year’s team was made up of 13 area high school students, representing Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, Cor Jesu Academy, and St. Louis University High School. Ranken sponsors the team and pays all materials and registration, so there is no cost for the students. College credit is available for eligible students.

According to Ranken Microenterprises Director Vince Holtman, all of the team members pitched in to do their best. “There no job was considered too big, nor too small,” he said, “There were many months of designing, welding, cutting and testing in order to prepare for this event.”

Instructors for the program were Bill Salzman, senior reliability engineer at Medtronic, and Jonathon Sprague, director of operations at MSD. Ranken’s Kathy Fern provided staff assistance, and Josh Williamson assisted with vehicle fabrication.

The SuperMileage team will display their vehicles at Ranken’s Car Show this weekend, on Sunday, April 30. Students who want to sign up for this year’s SuperMileage team can get more information and apply here.


Check out more photos and videos of the race here, courtesy of John Sullivan.

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