Please meet our new Certified Welders, these students have gone the extra mile to get their American Welding Society Certifications.

Left to right is Nicholas Kasting, Decarlo Stewart, Michael “Blu” Schamadan, Trey Elliot, and Ava Vienna. All have received AWS (American Welding Society) D1.1 Structural Certifications. Credentials vary from GMAW (MIG), SMAW (STICK), FCAW (FLUX-CORE), and GTAW (TIG) welding processes. Between the 5 students, 24 certifications were earned. Nicholas currently received (2), Decarlo (6), “Blu” (4), with potentially (2) more, Trey (6), and Ava (6).

This is significant in that 100% of the class will graduate with industry certifications. After graduation, these folks will be very marketable. It’s estimated that 75% or more, welders in the field “with experience” do not have AWS certification.

Although these students will have a certificate, proving they have completed a formal education in Welding Technology from Ranken Technical College, AWS industry credentials prove they know how to weld, which is exactly what companies are seeking. Learn more about Ranken’s welding program at,
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