On Sunday 4/24/2022, the officers of the Ranken Car Club organized a trip to the National Museum of Transportation. The goal was to further their education about the history of the transportation industry in America. In a moment of good fortune, they spent some time with a very knowledgeable and friendly Ranken alumni who told them all about some very unique vehicles on display. He even let them beyond the barrier to get an up close look at a one of a kind, custom car! Afterwards they walked around and looked at all the train cars on display. They were pleasantly surprised to find that two of the Car Club members are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about trains. It was nice to have our own personal tour guides through the train yard.

After a quick lunch, the Car Club then headed over to Victory Raceway for a different kind of education. They enjoyed a few hours at museum’s indoor track, learning how to handle go karts capable of 45mph! They shared tips, tricks, and mistakes between each race. They offered each other encouragement and congratulations as they learned the track and watched their lap times improve. The Car Club ended the day with a friendly competition and an award for the fastest driver.

Events like these and more will continue to be organized by the Ranken Car Club and they are always looking for passionate, excited Ranken students to join and share their ideas and talents. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Mike Whitcraft at [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about Ranken’s Automotive program, please visit this link, https://ranken.edu/divisions/automotive/