Nick Woolbright is currently a Computer Numerical Control Machinist writing code for 7-axis robotic arms on automated robots for the Boeing Company, the world’s largest aerospace company. He graduated with an Associate Degree in Precision Machining Technology in May 2018. Nick shares his heartfelt gratitude for having attained his Ranken degree. He says, “Ranken has allowed me to get a fantastic career very early in life. This allowed me to increase the quality of my life exponentially . . . I attribute my success solely to my experience at Ranken and how it led me to a good job.” Nick and his wife, Crystal, tied the knot in 2020 and purchased their first home this year.

Nick and his team competed in the 2018 SkillsUSA Automated Manufacturing District Contest. They took 1st place and advanced to the State Championship where they placed 1st again, bringing home the gold. Nick and his team qualified to compete at the SkillsUSA National Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky. He was excited at the prospect of competing against rivals from across the country. Nick’s experience of participating at the national conference is one of his favorite memories during his time at Ranken.

Jeff Ogle, former Precision Machining Department Chair and instructor, tells us “Nick was a great student and I enjoyed having him in the Precision Machining program. I remember helping Nick prepare for one of his interviews. I think he thought I was crazy based on some of the questions I was asking him while preparing. Nick came back in the next day and said, ‘Mr. Ogle, you were right about the questions,’ but he got the job! I am glad to hear Nick is successful and doing well!”

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