Kevin Cope graduated from Ranken’s IWT, Internet Website Technology, in 2018. He is now a Software Engineer for Mitek Residential Construction. Kevin tells us, “Ranken carries a reputation of excellence within St. Louis and its surrounding areas. Most local companies hire graduates straight out of Ranken because of their reputation and trust they’ll be hiring someone that meets the high standards Ranken expects from its students.”

Shawn Lipe, Software Engineering Manager for MiTek, explains “I have been Kevin’s supervisor for a year now. Kevin has been a junior developer on a complex project that deals with workflow. He has been developing in many languages like C#, C++, and VB and been exposed to several different types of tech stacks including desktop applications, windows services, web micro services, and web development. Kevin has performed the role as scrum master, making sure our agile sprints were on track and our backlogs were in order for sprint plannings. Kevin seems excited to learn new technologies and develop his software engineering skills.”

Evan Gudmestad, Information Technology Assistant Division Chair, says “Kevin Cope was a great student and was very enjoyable to have in class. He was a bit older than our typical student. Maybe it was because of these extra years he took his education so seriously and gave it his best effort. One example of his hard work was on display when he landed his first programming job at the Ranken Job Fair. He tried to speak with as many employers as possible and wound up with a job offer from an architecture firm who didn’t know Ranken had a Computer Science degree!”

One of Kevin’s favorite memories is making websites, “It was very rewarding to see that something I created was useful and appreciated. I also enjoyed building friendships and making networking connections while attending classes.”

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