John Moore, Mechanical Drafting 1960 alum, is featured in a YouTube video about his career as an artist. . The video mentions his education at Ranken and his first job after school before pursuing his Art career. He has become a famous artist that Ranken is very proud, as we are with all our Alumni.

When talking with him, he said, “The head of the Mechanical Drawing Department at Ranken when I was there was a man named C.E. Lane (none knew what CE stood for). He was a terrific teacher, a very patient man whose assignments, as I recall, grew progressively more complex as the semesters went on, and from whom I really learned to visualize… and almost see… three dimensional forms from partial views (front, side and plan views). I always had “talent”, but that experience, and other elements of drawing, line quality, etc., gave me a fuller sense of form every time I put pencil to paper or brush to canvas.”

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