Ranken’s automotive technician training prepares you for a successful career as a professional technician.

Is professional automotive technician training right for you?

Ranken Professional Technician Program student using diagnostic gear.You’re a quick study and a hard worker who takes pride in your professionalism.

You are ready to earn while you learn by working in your field while you get your degree.

You love working with cars, and want to get a stable, well-paying job with benefits

Does this sound like you? If so, an auto mechanic school could be the path to a successful and rewarding career. Students who are accepted into the Professional Technician program at Ranken get paid, real-world experience at a sponsoring employer. In this program, you’re not just going to auto technician school, you’re getting on-the-job experience.

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Why choose Ranken for technician training?

Starting in their second semester at Ranken, students who are accepted into the Professional Technician program will alternate between eight-week sections of automotive technician training at Ranken and eight-week paid internship blocks at their sponsoring employer. This format allows students to get real-world experience in addition to their auto mechanic school degree at Ranken.

Not every auto mechanic school out there offers experience like we do, or the chance to learn by doing! Auto technician school students who complete internships in this format typically go on to accept full-time positions at their work site after graduation.

Entry into this program is open to students enrolled in the first semester of Ranken’s Automotive Maintenance Technology program, and is based on student applications and available openings with participating employers.

If you are interested in auto technician school and have questions about our Professional Technician Program, contact Admissions using the form on the right.

If you are a Ranken student in your first semester of auto mechanic school, talk to your instructors for information on available positions.

Gary Boyher

Instructor, Full Time

James Woods

Instructor, Full Time

Steven Cartwright

Instructor, Full Time

Robert L. Callanan

Department Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Steven J. Davenport

Instructor, Full Time

Brien J. Dover

Instructor, Full Time

Jeffrey R. Ermeling

Instructor, Full Time

John K. Helterbrand

Department Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Benjamin L. Hippard

Instructor, Full Time

Donald B. Hopkins

Instructor, Full Time

Andrew Jesse

Instructor, Full Time

Kyle M. Lympus

Instructor, Full Time

Christopher L. McNealy

Instructor, Full Time

Charles E. Merseal

Instructor, Full Time

Timothy F. Michel

Department Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Thomas G. Moors

Instructor, Full Time

Alan L. Osborne

Instructor, Full Time

D. Craig Poe

Instructor, Full Time

Ronald L. Raines

Department Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Walter E. Rundell

Instructor, Full Time
(314) 286-3668

J. Reid Sanders

Instructor, Full Time

Larry D. Schmidt

Automotive Collision Repair Class of 1982 & Instructor, Full Time

John W. Shoffner

Instructor, Full Time

John J. Springmeyer

Instructor, Full Time

William F. Stewart

Instructor, Full Time

Robert E. Stidem

Instructor, Full Time

Gregory R. Tervort

Workforce Development Specialist and Instructor, Full Time

Alan J. Townsend

Instructor, Full Time

Robert M. Turner

Instructor, Full Time

Louis E. Waite

Instructor, Full Time

Christopher L. Webb

Instructor, Full Time

Kevin W. Webb

Instructor, Full Time

Daniel P. Yates

Instructor, Full Time

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Ranken is known for offering the most comprehensive automotive technician training around. This program develops student proficiencies in the following areas:

  • Maintenance and light repair
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Automatic/manual transmission
  • Engine controls
  • Automotive diagnostics