Ranken Technical College recognizes the value of information about the education and services it provides. It is college policy to advance a process for individuals to submit formal, written complaints if necessary and wherever possible, to use that feedback to improve its education and services.

If a problem or issue cannot be resolved by communicating directly with the person(s) involved, a formal, written complaint may be escalated to a college administrator by using the electronic complaint form below.

Complainants can expect their complaints to be acknowledged by the administrator within four working days of receipt of the complaint. In addition, complainants can expect a response and an explanation within 15 working days.

All written complaints and copies of responses will be kept on file in the President’s Office. Complainants who submit concerns by phone or email will be advised to submit formal, written complaints using the electronic complaint form.

State of Missouri Complaint Policy
If a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached at the institutional level, the complaint may proceed with the complaint process advanced by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE). The MDHE will serve as the clearinghouse for complaints concerning colleges and universities authorized to operate in the State of Missouri, acting on those within its purview and forwarding those that are not to other entities for their appropriate action.

Note: Prior to initiating this formal process, complainants must first call the MDHE at 573-526-1577 to indicate their desire to file a complaint. At that time, the MDHE will ascertain whether the issue can be resolved through informal means and also determine whether administrative processes available within the institution of concern have been exhausted. If after that screening the complainant still desires to initiate a formal complaint, the MDHE will send the complainant the form to be filled out and returned for that purpose.